Trust & Safety


Rentalla is building a rental marketplace based upon trust & community. Keeping everyone safe is our goal.


Deposits & Insurance

We educate all our suppliers to keep items insured against theft and damage in case something happens. We keep deposits on all rentals to protect our suppliers and pass that deposit on to pay for insurance deductibles.  We hold renters responsible for the current value of an item rented should anything happen.

You are in control of who rents

You might be renting your rental to a trusted friend, or to a neighbor you’re meeting for the first time! YOU decide who rents your rentals posted on Rentalla. We also provide tools for you to learn more about renters through profiles and reviews from other owners.

Strict renter screening

We screen each renter against eligibility criteria that are some of the strictest in the industry. We also run additional verifications to maintain a safe marketplace.



We recommend all renters to have a rental protection plan in case of a castrophic loss. In the event the item is damaged beyond repair, the renter will be responsible for paying the fair market value for the item to the supplier. The deposit will be applied towards that amount or towards the insurance deductible. Renters should have inland rental coverage to cover equipment they rent if they cannot cover the replace cost should something go wrong. Owners should have there higher value items covered on the appropriate insurance policy.

Standards & reviews

You can read other renters’ reviews of equipment to further ensure a great experience!

Customer support

Even if things do not go according to plan, Rentalla provides assistance if a rental encounters difficulty during a reservation.